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Companies we work with to provide the best opportunities to our puppy families.
*These are not paid sponsorships or ads, but actual companies we use and work with.



Baxter and Bella

Lifetime membership 25% off with our code "WISEMAN". This is for your lifetime and can be used on all your pets for their entire life.
Includes step by step training program, classes, courses, unlimited live help, Program Printable Charts & Checklists, Groups and a Parent Forum, Ask the Trainer area, Puppy Training Podcast AND MORE.




With a Trupanion policy, all pets get one simple plan that covers all unexpected injuries and illnesses. They reimburse at 90% and never impose payout limits, so your pet can get the best care when they need it most.
Your puppy will have immediate coverage if you activate your personal included insurance on Go Home Day!




Terrace Pets is dedicated to bringing together people and pets happily through fair financing and great service. Financing for amounts from $200 to $12,750 for pets. No credit and low credit score financing available.



Registration, Guides, Hotlines, Insurance, Shows, Schedules and MORE

Fillable, personalized vaccination chart
List of Dangerous Foods/Household Products
Day 1 at Home with Puppy
In Case of Emergency Window Decal
AKC Shop Coupon
30 days free insurance with registration


This is not a complete list of what you need, but it is a list of products we use and have found to work for our dogs.


Toppers, treats, chews, soups, and more

Honest Kitchen makes their products with only real, thoughtfully sourced ingredients using the same quality and safety standards as healthy people foods. The labels are clear, the products are amazing, and we love this company. Click the shop button to be taken to their website and get a reward!


Balms, wrinkle cleaner, paw protection, and more

We love this companies balms so much and use them daily on all of our dogs. We highly suggest having the wrinkle balm, paw soother, skin soother, and snout smoother on hands at all times! This wrinkle balm WORKS!

Code "WISEMAN" gets you a discount every time you check out.


Bed, blanket, protector

This is a small family company that found the best solution for dirty pet beds that don't last! The Wash'n Zip Pet Bed's unique one-piece design zips up to form a warm, fluffy, comfortable bed for your pet. When it becomes dirty, it easily unzips, goes into the washer, then goes into the dryer! They also have a puppy proofer.

Code "WISEMAN" gets you a discount at check out. We recommend a medium for frenchies!

Food Slide 1_edited.jpg


Nutrition, supplements, grooming, treats, and more.

Hello families! I have come to believe SO strongly in our current dog food, Pawtree. I feel very strongly about keeping your puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that providing this premium, holistically formulated dog food will ensure your dog’s nutritional health and long-life! So many dogs and cats are acquiring serious life-threatening health issues through poor diet and vitamin deficiency. pawTree provides the optimum nutritional benefits for all life-stages ensuring good health and longevity for your puppy. We have made the decision to feed our puppies and dogs pawTree from now on because we now end up feeding 2-3 times less than other brands and do you know what happens when you feed less Yep! They POOP less! This food is nutrient dense and slow processed at a lower temperature to ensure the kibble is rich in nutrients. And, it does end up costing a lot less too! pawTree has 0 recalls ever. We no longer have to worry about fillers, GMO’s, and animal by-products.
My mission is to improve the quality of the breed and offer our customers beautiful, healthy, and sweet-tempered puppies that they can enjoy for years to come. ​pawTree contains NO by-products, NO corn, wheat, NO soy, NO artificial colors/flavors, NO artifical preservatives. Feeding this healthy food will help give your pet a long and healthy life! And if that isn't enough, it costs LESS per serving than other premium dog foods & will be shipped right to your door! We love it and more importantly, our DOGS all love it!  
We believe that raising puppies on this food and supplements will help ensure a long and healthy life, as well as provide our puppies a healthy start.  
Do you have other pets at home that you would like to introduce to these products?
Recommendation Transition Guide:
Day 1-2:  Feed ¼ PAW TREE and ¾ of the old diet.
Day 3-4:  Feed ½ PAW TREE and ½ of the old diet.
Day 5-6:  Feed ¾ PAW TREE and ¼ of the old diet.
Day 7:  The transition period is over and you can feed the recommended amount of PAW TREE.

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